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Get to Know Me

Whether you need help with profit maximization or disaster recovery, Michelle Hayes with over 35 years of hospitality experience can partner with you to achieve your goals.
Having worked both as a General Manager and Asset Manager, Michelle has implemented strategies that have significantly increased RevPAR and profit growth, reduced staff turnover and improved guest satisfaction.
Many of the hotels Michelle was in charge of were in areas prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes.   She has developed a pro-active training and preparatory plans that have resulted in reduced losses and damage to the properties.
It sometimes takes a second pair of eyes to analyze an issue that can be improved upon.  Michelle not only has the knowledge and skillset required to help properties achieve success, but has a passion for the hospitality industry.  Her years of experience in every facet of hotel management and her ability to work hand-in-hand with managers throughout the country make her the perfect partner.

What I Do?

  • Understand all aspects of hotel operations
  • High level sales efficiency
  • Strategic Planning and Analysis
  • Team Development
  • Vendor Negotiations
  • Project Management
  • Disaster Contingency
  • Risk Assessments and Mitigation
  • Analysis, due diligence, evaluation of markets for acquisitions or disposition of assets

How I Can Help You?

HHCS offers a complete list of consulting services from revenue generation, sales and marketing, profitability analysis and emergency planning and preparation/risk management.  Our programs and packages are developed against your needs and are property or portfolio specific.

  • An unbiased assessment of asset performance relative to the specific market, competitive analysis and identification of opportunities for improved performance
  • Review and analysis of operator’s Financial Statements relative to budget, forecast and industry benchmarks both from a top line perspective and cost analysis
  • Review all pricing policies and revenue strategies with recommendations for new opportunities
  • Review sales and marketing strategies, staffing and deployment with recommendations for enhanced efforts and improvement of market performance
  • Monitor hospitality trends, market trends and brand initiatives
  • Review operating contracts and leases to ensure ownership interests are protected
  • Review, analyze and make recommendations regarding capital planning, analyze and approve specific capital requests per ownership requirements
  • Attend quarterly operations meetings with general manager and management company executives to ensure operational effectiveness and achievement of goals
  • Monitor overall operator performance and provide recommendations for improved market share, enhanced customer service and improved profitability
  • Review and analyze areas of potential risk, insurance claim frequency and severity both property, guest and employee related and make recommendations for improvement
  • Thorough review of sales and marketing strategies to include all market segments and recommend effective strategy against each segment to enhance revenue and gain market share
  • Hands on involvement with sales leaders reviewing goals, deployment, systems effectiveness and personal salesmanship effectiveness 
  • Review of historical mix of sales reports, development of new plans of action to aggressively improve or remix as necessary to achieve client goals
  • Ensure proactive revenue management that is innovative, analytical and detail oriented after thorough assessment of STR performance and other industry reports allowing for prediction of future demand trends and strategic adjustments in advance
  • Review of insurance claims both property and GL and workers’ comp claims to identify trends 
  • Develop a property specific plan for responding effectively to any type potential emergency from a pipe burst to a major tornado or hurricane.  
  • Manage all aspects of preparation, mitigation and recovery from any emergency
  • Insure coordination and cooperation with insurance, first responders and hotel teams to mitigate down time and lost revenue

  I had the great pleasure of working with Michelle Hayes for over 15 years in a very large and diverse hotel environment.  During that time, I have found Michelle to be an excellent resource and partner in developing new business ventures, analyzing results and guiding our hotels to become more profitable operations.  Michelle is extremely knowledgeable, well organized and displays the sense of energy and focus that gets results.  I have also found Michelle to be very active in understanding the operations she oversees, including their local markets and competitors and she made frequent visits to the facilities to ensure she was up to date as possible. 

In addition to being an outstanding Hotelier and Asset Manager, Michelle is also an outstanding person who brings a human approach to her responsibilities  that is very well balanced with achieving he results needed from the operation.  As her main point of contact, Michelle and I had an excellent relationship that I value to this day, however, it didn’t stop there as Michelle also invested time in developing relationships with the key staff at our hotels, met with them on her visits, congratulated them on their successes and made the relationship with the ownership group a personal one for my hotel teams.

Michelle is truly a unique individual, has an excellent business mind and fully embraces the relationship between profits and customers.  I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

Bob Barenberg
Managing Director, Hilton Hotels

During her time as our Asset Manager, I was lucky to have partnered with Michelle Hayes.  She helped guide me through some difficult times, including the downturn in the market as a result of the recession.  She helped us grow RevPAR by limiting reliance on third party distribution channels.  She was a true asset (pardon the pun) when NYC was hit with Hurricane Sandy and the hotel had no electricity for a week, helping me to get the property back in shape after this disaster.  I enjoyed working with her not ony because of her knowledge but her humanity; she understands people and embraces diversity.  She respects everyone’s role and contribution from bellmaen to room attendants.  What impressed me the most was that in spite of having a large number of properties in her portfolio, she was always attentive to our needs; it was as if we were her only hotel.

-Debbie Riga
GM Morgans Hotel NYC

I worked with Michelle Hayes for more than a decade, during which she was charged with asset-managing as many as dozens of hotels at once.  While our interaction usually involved a single hotel with a legal problem of some sort, I came to appreciate that she was aware of what was going on at each of her hotels, in amazing detail.  My general recollection of entering Michelle’s office is of her with a phone in one ear and a plane ticket in one hand, holding up a “just a minute” finger and then proceeding to a quick but detailed description of whatever she wanted me to help with.  Her hotels’ issues and concerns got addressed quickly and sensibly, before they festered into something messier.  I would never want to own a hotel without Michelle, or someone very much like her, on my side.  And my experience from more than three decades in the industry has been that there aren’t a lot of people like her.

-Larry Mundy
FelCor Lodging Trust

Michelle joined our management team at the Sheraton Nashville after completing her Master’s degree.  She brought a sense of dedication and commitment in her first assignment and developed a level of professionalism that was recognized by the Sheraton Corporation.

Her abilities have reflected that professionalism and polish.  After a successful series of senior management assignments with Sheraton over 15 years; in some challenging locations, her career evolved as she spent more than 20 years with FelCor, which was one of the most effective REITS in the lodging industry.  As an Asset Manager and Vice President, she continued to expand her skills in communications, ownership relations, revenue growth and profitability at many different types and locations of property.  She is focused, attentive and is one that works well with others.

In this rapidly changing business environment, she understands the differences in brand management contrasted with independents and it has been a pleasure to note the continuing professional knowledge gained and advancement in her career.

-John Hogan
Principal, Hogan Hospitality

Michelle is an amazing hotelier, team leader, value creator and impact maker! Her care for others and true heart for service comes through in all she does.

-Marsha Bonner
Risk Management

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HHCS offers a complete list of consulting services from revenue generation, sales and marketing, profitability analysis and emergency planning and preparation/risk management.  Our programs and packages are developed against your needs and are property or portfolio specific.


Revenue Generation


Asset Management

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